Review of Lancome`s Top 3 Best Selling Mascaras

Lancome has grown in popularity for the past decade. Beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan, the online spokesperson for Lancome, trust and believe in Lancome. Out of all of their products, Lancome is most notorious for their mascaras. Here I will review three series of Lancome`s most popular, and what I consider to be their top mascaras.

1. LANCOME DEFINICIL  (including Definicil Precious Cells and Definicil Pro)
If you want: Long, defined, separated lashes

Definicil helps to achieve clean, defined eyelashes. With its rather slender wand, this mascara is very buildable and does not clump most of the time. Definicil precious cells helps to also nourish and strengthen lashes which is a great added benefit. My favourite Lancome Definicil mascara is the Definicil Pro which achieves incredible length, curl, definition and separation with its unique curved brush and deep black pigment formula.

2. LANCOME HYPNOSE (including Lancome Hypnose Drama, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes)
If you want: Dramatic, thick, voluminous lashes

The name says it all. Lancome Hypose is supposed to deliver dramatic lashes that make eyes appear hypnotizing. Many consider this mascara to be their holy grail mascara as it delivers instant volume to lashes. One downside is that it does clump when you apply multiple coats and does not separate or lengthen as much as the Lancome Definicils. The new Hypnose Drama is more intense than the original Hynose as it promises instant drama with one coat of application. The new Hynose Doll Eyes is the new hype as it claims to achieve volume, length, curl and falsies effect in one.

 (including Lancome Oscillation mascara and primer)
If you want: Well separated, curled, lengthened and full lashes

This mascara works on an built-in battery which makes the wand vibrate at a high frequency. I love this mascara because it delivers a generous amount of product at the base of the lashes, which creates the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes. The plastic wand also does a fairly decent job of separating, lengthening, and de-clumping. The biggest plus in this mascara is that the oscillation technology can help to accentuate a curl if you use the wand correctly. The Lancome Oscillation primer does a great job at prepping and nourishing the lashes. For those of you who want to grow your lashes out, read my review on the Rapid Lash Review- the ultimate lash grower. The only downside to this mascara is that the battery becomes progressively weaker but I find that I can use this mascara without the vibration and it still gets the job done.

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