10 Hair Myths

1. Pluck one gray hair and two grow back.
Not true, it doesn't at all. It's better color your hair than pluck.
2. Cutting your hair makes it stronger or grow faster.
Although this may seem the case for men's facial hair, the hair on your head has different properties. Hair just naturally follow its cycle of growing around half an inch per month, regardless of how often you cut it.
3. You can fix split ends.
Unfortunately, no. If you see split ends, cut it because it can cause more damage by splitting more towards the scalp.
4. Tight hats cause baldness.
This one is interesting and I know where it started. In the military, men wear tight hats and started balding. In reality, it was just the timing because men entering military are usually at the age where balding starts. Dihydrotestosterone, not hats contribute to balding!
5. Brushing your hair makes it better.
Actually it can cause split ends so only brush when necessary. As soon as it is tamed, stop!
6. Sometimes hair can turn gray or white over night.
Nope. It takes a long time for hair to change color. It doesn't really turn gray or white, it is more caused by the loss of color in your hair.
7. Baldness is inherited from the mothers side of the family.
Nah, it can come from either side. Hair loss usually begins at age 18 to 20 and the rate increases between age 45 to 55.
8. Dry scalp can cause dandruff.
They are two different things. Use shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp but dandruff shampoos are not necessary for dry scalp.
9. Dandruff is contagious.
Funny. It isn't but do not share combs or brush!
10. Cutting your hair during a full moon makes it grow in healthier, fuller, faster or longer.
No way, cutting hair doesn't do much to the hair at all except make it shorter.
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Minerals are huge right now. It's on TV, in the store, ads, everywhere. I do love the fact that it is great for your skin. But honestly I have tried at least 10 kinds of mineral makeup right now and I will share with you my experience with them. Hopefully this will help you to decide which ones to start with. Let me know if you need help deciding.

Bare minerals

My Experience: I love the matte yet dewy finish. The coverage is a lot better than just a regular powder. I enjoyed it quite a lot and would purchase it again.

Pro: Great finish, buildable coverage, natural-looking, waterproof, flawless finish

Con: Expensive, cakey if applied too much, slides off on oily skin

Suitable for: those with combination and sensitive skin

Rating: 8 stars

Sheer Cover Minerals

My experience: This to me was similar to Bare minerals. The one thing that was different was that it was a lot lighter than Bare Minerals. The shades also adapted to my skin color easier. The concealing power isn't so great but then they have the best creamy concealer so that makes up for it.

Pro: Light weight, natural, decent coverage, flawless finish

Con: Poor packaging, expensive, messy to use

Suitable for: Those with not much to conceal wanting a light coverage.

Rating: 7 stars

Pur Minerals

My experience: I personally love this. Some people have a problem with this but I tried it on and it was instant gratification. It was flawless, matte and makes you look like you are about to do a photoshoot.

Pro: flawless, not messy(comes in a pressed powder form), great coverage, natural colors, matte finish, multipurpose (4 in 1)

Con: sometimes drying, not much color selection

Suitable for: Quick, on the go, perfect skin.

Rating: 8.5 stars

Everyday Minerals

My experience: This is my most recent purchase. The first time I put it on, it had a nice texture. Overall, the coverage is good, not great. What I like about it is that there is such a wide selection of shades available, you are bound to get the true shade. Also, it looks oh-so natural on everyone.

Pro: Natural, Affordable, Choose from various finishes (original glow, intensive, matte, semi-matte), long wearing

Con: not flawless coverage, packaging too plastic

Suitable for: everyone depending on which finish you want.

Rating: 8.5-9 stars (not so sure because the coverage is not as great as Pur Minerals)

Physician's Formula Mineral Foundation

My experience: I use them on a regular basis. I only use them on top of liquid foundation as a setting powder. The foundation is rather natural and doesn't cover up but it makes a nice and matte finish.

Pro: cheap, good for sensitive skin, convenient packaging (do not use brush)

Con: comes off easily, doesn't cover much

Suitable for: those with sensitive skin or not much to conceal.

Rating: 6.5

Prestige MultiTasking SkinLoving Minerals

My experience: I bought this on a whim because it was a multitasking powder with concealing properties. This fits my busy lifestyle so I gave it a try. Much to my surprise, it was a lot better than I expected. Cheap and worth your money!

Pros: good coverage, buildable coverage, cheap, easy to use, fast fix

Cons: medium staying powder, little shade selection

Suitable for: those who wants to get out the door in 5 minutes and pay little.

Stars: 8.5 stars

L'oreal Bare Naturalle Mineral Foundation

My experience: I heard some good things about this so I bought it. I was not really impressed. However I do believe that it is because I have much to conceal and it didn't do the job. Overall, it was a decent mineral foundation with normal staying powder.

Pros: cheap, easy to apply applicator, very natural looking, lightweight

Cons: poor brush, not flawless coverage, not super longlasting, powdery looking

Suitable for: oily skin, those wanting natural coverage with not much to conceal

Stars: 6.5 stars

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Please check out the makeup I'm selling on the left column. ( <-----) Yes! I'm selling some of my makeup. All of these are new and never used. A lot of you have asked about certain makeup such as Physician's Formula, Lise Watier so I posted some of those on sale. I tried hard to make all these makeup affordable and either cheaper than the store or waayyyy cheaper than the store. I mean it, some of them are up to 60% off. I'm very excited about this because now people from many other countries can enjoy makeup from North America. Payment is easy and secure in USD currency. I recommend PayPal because it is so easy and fast.

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If you don't have PayPal
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3. Send cash, money orders, cheques through the mail.
4. Once I receive the payment, the item will be shipped.

I will also be taking orders for any makeup Canada carries and sending it to you upon request through email at That includes all the brand name items such as MAC, Dior, Chanel, Bare Minerals, NARS. Clinique, Shiseido, Jane Iredale, Revlon, Lise Watier, Makeupforever, anything! Once a request is received, I will tell you how much it costs here and once payment is received, the item will be shipped. Once again I'm excited because now all of you get to use makeup you can't find in your own country. I hope all of you feel the same way and support me on my first e-Shop. Thanks and happy shopping!

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