10 Ways to Make Your Foundation Stay On All Day

Here are 10 ways to make your foundation stay on the entire day without touch up. Use these tips for a flawless complexion all day. Whether you purchase cheap drug store or expensive luxury foundation, there are ways to prolong the wear of your foundation. Some low-end foundations actually stay on better than high-end foundations if used the right way or paired with other products.


1. Choosing the right formula of foundation:

Different foundation formulas tailor to different skin types. If you have dry skin, use a cream or liquid foundation. For oilier skin, choose oil free liquid formulas, powder, or mineral foundation. For a list of foundation reviews, watch my Flawless Foundation Routine and Massive Foundation Review/Collection video.

2. Priming your face:

Priming your face with a silicone based primer not only help you save the amount of foundation you use but also create a flawless canvas for your foundation to go on. Think of it as prolonging the wear of a nail polish with a base coat; same idea.

3. Apply with a brush:

Applying foundation with a brush can help you achieve flawless coverage without using too much product. The brush helps to deliver the foundation seamlessly into your skin. A kabuki brush helps to buff mineral foundation on and a flat top brush helps to evenly distribute liquid foundation.

4. Use the right amount of product:

Less is more. Start off with a bit of the product on your brush and build coverage by gradually applying more product. Excess amount can easily rub off and crease on your face.

5. Keep your skin clean, exfoliated and moisturized:

Clear, exfoliated skin allows the foundation to go on effortlessly and smoothly since the foundation lies evenly on the skin. To maintain clear skin, visit 10 ways to get acne free, clear skin- the secret to great skin

6. Use a finishing powder:

When using liquid or cream foundation, always finish off with a finishing/translucent powder which helps to seal the product just like how a top coat seals the nail polish color. For mineral foundation users, the equivalent of a finishing powder would be a mineral veil.

7. Set the foundation with a spray:

Makeup fix sprays are growing popular for a good reason. These water based sprays not only make your makeup last longer but give you that dewy, fresh, au natural skin. A cheaper alternative would be to load up a spray bottle with water.

8. Choose Oil free and long lasting makeup:

Generally oil free makeup stay on longer. Look for foundations that say long-lasting or even waterproof. Many makeup lines such as Rimmel or Revlon make extremely affordable foundations that last between 8-25 hours!

9. Try a mineral foundation:

Mineral foundations tend to stay on the skin for longer period of time, especially for oily skinned individuals. They are weightless and most have oil absorbing properties. To see which mineral foundation best suits you, visit Mineral Foundation Hype

10. Reduce oil on your skin:

Keeping your skin matte and shine free can reduce the amount oil on your face, which can then minimize the chance of the foundation sliding off your skin. Using a matte, oil control moisturizer and blotting paper throughout the day to keep the excess oil at bay.

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