10 ways to get acne free, clear skin- the secret to great skin

Here are ten simple things you can do to prevent and treat acne. Clear, beautiful, acne free skin is a blessing. Genetics play a big part but we can modify what we can control to prevent acne and maintain good skin. One can have acne for years before achieving manageable skin. Here are top 10 ways to maintain clear and acne free skin. For some product recommendations, please visit my post on Acne Product Recommendations.

1. Clean your face daily with an oil free cleanser
Keeping your face clean is key to having clear skin because it gives the bacteria less chance to grow and clog your pores. Use an oil free cleanser with a small dose of salicylic acid.

2. Exfoliate regularly
Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub or glycolic acid help your skin get rid of dead skin cells and generate new ones. This also help keep your pores clear or debris.

3. Use an oil free moisturiser daily
Choose a moisturiser you feel comfortable wearing. For example, use an oil free cream for night time and an oil free gel for day time. For those with acne, choose one with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the moisturiser.

4. Deep clean your face at least once a week
Use a deep cleansing, detoxifying or hydrating mask on your face once or twice a week. This really helps to extract all the oil, dirt and debris from you pores that may have accumulated throughout the week. Do not overuse as it may dry out your skin and overwork your sebaceous glands so you may get oilier.

5. Balanced diet with plenty of water
You are what you eat. As cliché as that may sound, the vitamins and minerals from healthy food choices do make a difference in our skin. Drinking plenty of water will give your skin hydration it deserves so that your pores remain unclogged.

6. Wear oil free, non-comedogenic makeup
Your makeup can mask your existing acne but can also make you break out. You may fall into a vicious cycle by masking your acne with acne causing makeup which will cause more acne. Read the labels carefully before purchasing and try the makeup out at the makeup counter, wear it for one day to examine the degree of oiliness on your face and then purchase. Try a mineral based foundation and see which one suits you best through the Mineral Foundation Hype post.

7. Watch out for hands, pillows and hair
An average person touches his or her face hundreds of times a day without thinking. Bacteria can easily spread to your face every time your hands touch your face. Clean your pillows often because the bacteria may spread while you sleep. Keep your hair clean and oil free also minimizes the chance for a breakout.

8. Exercise
Exercising helps your body circulate and skin breathe. Do something active 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes can help improve the texture and clarity of your skin.

9. Beauty sleep
It isn't just a meaningless phrase. A good 7-9 hour rest helps you maintain the regular turnover of your skin cells. This also gives acne-fighting ingredients a chance to do its job while the skin is repairing itself.

10. Be patient.
Acne come and go. It can be triggered by genetics, hormones or unhealthy lifestyle. Try your best to avoid picking it as the bacteria may spread to nearby areas and cause more breakouts. Do not blame yourself as multiple factors come into play. Do what you can to prevent it but visit a dermatologist if your acne persists or becomes severe.

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