Lakshmi Menon's Beauty Secrets

Once the runway lights have dimmed—and the triple coats of mascara have been wiped off—what keeps top Fashion Week model Lakshmi Menon so flawless?
  • "I swear by Mon Soin du Visage," says the Bangalore model, who especially loves the French brand's Cold Oil Yuzu Cleanser. "It leaves my skin glowing."
  • Menon's mother knows best: "She taught me to use organic coconut oil as a treatment. It makes my hair feel luxurious," Menon says.
  • "I've been swimming since I could walk," says Menon. Menon’s father introduced her to the pool at just one year old. Her favorite stroke? "Definitely freestyle."
  • Menon's favorite runway beauty style always "leans toward a no-makeup look," which is why she loves when make-up artists matte her skin out.

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