NOTD: Wet 'n Wild Rockin' Rubies - and I need help with topcoats!

When I saw the display of Wet 'n Wild's new Ice Baby collection, I knew I would need to get Rockin' Rubies for my holiday manicure.  This is a true red microglitter with larger hexagonal holographic silver glitter throughout.  It reminded me of some of the garland I have strung in my house right now (above).

Three coats and you get a nearly opaque coverage.  This would actually look quite nice over red, and wouldn't require as many coats.  This was hard to take a picture of too...I think the sparkles really made it difficult for the camera to focus.

So, I love this color, but I have one complaint with glitters.  After my topcoat completely dries, it looks all grainy again, which frustrates me!  What top coat do you use for that beautiful glossy finish (that lasts).  Right now I applied a thick coat of Seche Vite, but I'm wondering if I should try something different?  I would love your suggestions and favorites!

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